Col. C.C. Tew, CSA, 1846      Charleston, SC

1st Honor Graduate and 1st offical graduate of The Citadel (SCMA). As the 1st President of The Association of Graduates in 1852 he headed the nations original alumni association for public colleges and universities in the U.S. making todays CAA the country's oldest.. He also served as Superintendent of The Arsenal in Columbia, SC where many freshmen cadets attended for 1 year before transferring to The Citadel. NOTE: The Arsenal was the only building of the old academy not burned by Sherman's troops as they ravaged Columbia in 1865 and it has been home to all SC Governors since 1868 view here Tragically, Tew was killed-in-action and his personal sword taken from his inert body by federal soldiers on 17 September 1862 while leading his beloved regiment, the 2nd North Carolina, at the Battle of Sharpesburg, Md on the very eve of his promotion to Brigadier General. In 2015 his sword-----a priceless artifact---was returned to The Citadel 153 years to the day of its loss. Earlier, in 1874, J.W.Bean of the 5th NH Infantry wrote,"All brave men can but respect & honor the memory of those who were willing to sacrifice their lives upon the altar of their principles, however they may differ from each other,” upon returning a drinking cup to the Tew family in 1874 taken from Tew's saddelbag.