Maj. Thomas D. Howie, USA, 1929      Abbeville, SC

One of the largest carillions in the western hemisphere, located next to The Citadel chapel, is named in Howie's honor. "The Major of St. Lo" was KIA 17 July 1944 while commanding the unit that captured St.Lo, France. This was important in WWII because his was the "breakout" battalion from the Normandy beachhead where thousands of allied troops were pinned down. Both print and video documentary have been made of his heroic and important action. The armory of the 116th Infantry Division, Virginia National Guard (Howie's unit), is dedicated to Howie, St. Lo has a monument bearing a bust of Howie, and the Staunton Military Academy (VA) Drill Team is known as Howie's Rifles. The troops he commanded placed his body, covered by an American flag, on the hood of the lead jeep so he could be the 1st American to enter a liberated St. Lo. Buried at Normandy American Memorial Cemetary, view more here.