CPT Hugh R. Nelson, USA, 1959      Rocky Mount, NC

Received the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism while serving as an Aircraft Commander, RVN on June 5, 1966. On that date, his aircraft was shot down in the middle of enemy positions with all weapons on board destroyed, and all persons on board unconscious upon impact. Regaining consciousness, Nelson ignored his own injuries and began evacuating injured crew members to safety. Upon returning to the aircraft, and drawing intense automatic weapons fire from 30 ft., Nelson tore off the side door with his bare hands, pulled a trapped specialist from the wreckage, forced him to the ground and used his own body as a shield fom enemy fire, sacrificing his life for another. Due to his efforts, the surviving crew were able to signal for assistance and escape capture or death.Capt Nelson is the only known graduate submitted for the Medal of Honor.


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