Col Myron C. Harrington, USMC, 1960      Augusta, Ga.

Awarded the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism on 23 Feb 1968 while commanding a USMC force attacking a well fortified North Vietnamese position along a portion of the wall surrounding the Hue Citadel. Intense small-arms fire blocked Harrington's advance causing him to skillfully manuever his rocket teams into firing position. Harrington personally moved, under fire, from position to position pinpointing enemy emplacements and directing fire, eliminating 4 hostile positions. He then called in mortar fire to within 25 meters of his own company. Disregarding his own safety, Harrington fearlessly manuevered to the point of heaviest contact, and rallying his men, led a determined assault against the enemy. As a result of his leadership, determination, and fighting spirit, the marines overran the hostile position, routed the North Vietnamese soldiers accounting for 25 confirmed killed. He is recognized nationally as a leader in the education of students with learning disabilitis.


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