BG James Emory Mace, USA, 1963      Hampton, SC

One of The Citadel's most decorated combat veterans, Mace received the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism 2-4 Dec 1968 while commanding his company on a search and clear mission near Dong Xoai,RVN. During intense enemy fire, he organized a rescue party, led it from its night defensive position, and rescued the crew of a downed helicopter. Next day,he led his company against the bunker complex he was drawing fire from the night before. Exposing himself to intense enemy fire and saving a wounded comrade's life by carrying him to safety, Mace stood up to spot enemy gunners, personally killing two, wounding three. Finding the enemy force trying to encircle his unit, he ordered a withdrawal but he stayed in position directing artillery upon his own position. Next day, CPT Mace again led his men into the enemy position killing one enemy soldier and rescuing two wounded comrades. Author of the first-ever Ranger Field Manual, he was inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame.